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How Raffolux Works
Choose a raffle and how many tickets you would like to enter
Complete payment online to secure your chance to win, or enter via the postal entry route
All tickets are entered into the random draw
If you win, we will contact you by phone and email, so look out for our call!

Car Raffles

Cruising around in the likes of a Tesla, Lamborghini, Porsche or any other luxury car, is a dream for many. So, why not make that dream a reality by entering one of our car raffles? At Raffolux, we pride ourselves in offering only the most indulgent of raffle prizes and our range of car prizes are no different.

It’s no understatement to say winning a car could change your life. Become the envy of your neighbours and friends with a fancy car parked on your drive, pick the kids up from school with all eyes on you and your motor, breeze down the motorway with ease. Any journey becomes instantly luxurious when you’re moving around in a high-end car.

The number of ticket entries required to enter a car raffle varies depending on the model. Take a look at all the cars we have available here and you could be one of our lucky winners who ends up driving away in one...