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How Raffolux Works
Choose a raffle and how many tickets you would like to enter
Complete payment online to secure your chance to win, or enter via the postal entry route
All tickets are entered into the random draw
If you win, we will contact you by phone and email, so look out for our call!

Cash Raffles

Imagine waking up with an extra few hundred or thousand pounds in your pocket...well, with Raffolux you can make that dream a reality. We host multiple cash raffles every month so there’s always a cash prize up for grabs. Ranging from 1-10 ticket entries depending on the prize amount. The best thing about a cash raffle is that you can spend your winnings on whatever you like! Deposit for a house? Savings? New car? Shopping spree? You name it and it’s yours.

Our cash raffles are all tax-free and the money is sent straight to your bank account, it really is that simple. From bank top-ups of £250 to our whopping jackpot prize of £50,000, winning a Raffolux cash raffle can be truly life changing. The best part is, whilst entering our cash competitions in the hopes of winning money for yourself and your family, you’re also donating to charity.

Take a look at the range of cash raffle prizes you can enter at Raffolux today and who knows? Today could be your lucky day!