Raffolux - The UK's Top 29 Philanthropic Celebrities revealed

The UK's Top 29 Philanthropic Celebrities revealed

The UK's Top 29 Philanthropic Celebrities revealed

In a world often dominated by headlines about celebrity lifestyles and lavish spending, Raffolux sheds light on the philanthropic endeavours of some of the UK's most influential individuals. The UK’s leading digital raffle platform which raises money for charities has identified the top 20 celebrities among this list who have donated the highest percentage of their net worth to charitable causes.

The company analysed the Giving List which reveals the 100 biggest philanthropists in the UK produced annually by the Charity Aid Foundation in partnership with The Sunday Times. This list showcases those who have made significant contributions to various causes, highlighting their commitment to making a positive impact on society.

The most charitable celebrity is Lewis Hamilton. In 2022, he donated a staggering 6.7% of his wealth, or £20 million. This translates to an astounding £2,283 per hour. Such a monumental contribution showcases his unwavering commitment to making a substantial and lasting impact through philanthropy.

The Top 4 Generous Celebrities:
Sir Lewis Hamilton: The racecar driver, known for his dominance on the Formula 1 circuit, secured the top spot on Raffolux’s Celebrity Giving List. With a net worth of £300 million, Sir Lewis donated an impressive £20 million to causes related to youth, education, and employment. According to the full giving list, he was actually the 5th most generous person in the whole of the UK!

Mo Salah: The talented footballer, adored by fans across the globe, claimed the second position on the list. Mo Salah's philanthropic efforts in the health sector saw him donate £2.5 million, with his net worth being £41 million. He stands as a remarkable example of using influence for the betterment of society.

Stormzy: The charismatic rapper, recognised for his powerful lyrics and social consciousness, occupies the third spot. Stormzy's recent donations of £1.2 million towards social inclusion initiatives demonstrates his commitment to creating a more equitable society. He exemplifies the impact a musician can have beyond the realm of entertainment.

Sir Elton John: A legendary musician, Sir Elton John has long been associated with philanthropy. With a net worth of £395 million, he donated a remarkable £14.7 million, primarily supporting causes related to HIV/AIDS, culture, arts, and music. His Giving Index solidifies his reputation as a generous advocate for meaningful change.

Top 29 Generous Celebrities:

Rank Name Occupation 2022 wealth (£m) Recent donations (£m) Giving Index Main beneficiaries % net worth donated to charity
1 Sir Lewis Hamilton Racecar driver 300 20 6.68 Youth, education, employment 6.7%
2 Mo Salah Footballer 41 2.5 6.03 Health 6.1%
3 Stormzy Rapper 26 1.2 4.58 Social inclusion 4.6%
4 Sir Elton John Musician 395 14.7 3.73 HIV/Aids, culture, arts, music 3.7%
5 Joanne Rowling Author 850 24.9 2.93 Children, women 2.9%
6 Niall Horan Musician 52 0.6 1.06 Children, medical 1.2%
7 Martin Lewis Journalist 123 1.2 0.95 Mental health, social, community 1.0%
8 Eric Clapton Musician 195 1.8 0.94 Drug and alcohol rehabilitation 0.9%
9 Cara Delevigne Model 41 0.4 0.86 Environment 1.0%
10 Harry Stlyes Musician 100 0.8 0.75 Various 0.8%
11 Olivia and Dhani Harrison Family of Beatles Musician George Harrison 295 1.8 0.62 Humanitarian, arts, education, children 0.6%
12= Guy Berryman (Coldplay) Musician 113 0.5 0.47 Environment, children 0.4%
12= Jonny Buckland (Coldplay) Musucian 113 0.5 0.47 Environment, children 0.4%
12= Will Champion (Coldplay) Musician 113 0.5 0.47 Environment, children 0.4%
13 Phil Collins Musician 150 0.7 0.45 Children, music, arts, sport 0.5%
14 Chris Martin (Coldplay) Musician 132 0.5 0.4 Environment, children 0.4%
15 Mary Austin Close Friend of Freddie mercury 115 0.4 0.31 HIV/Aids 0.3%
16 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Footballer 20 0.1 0.25 Community 0.5%
17 David and Victoria Beckham Footballer and Singer 425 1 0.24 Ukraine 0.2%
18= Lewis Capaldi Musician 19 0 0.21 Humanitarian 0.2%
18= Lord Lloyd-Webber Composer 495 1 0.21 Performing arts, music 6.7%
19 Roger Taylor Musician 198 0.4 0.18 HIV/Aids 0.2%
20 Brian May Musician 218 0.4 0.16 HIV/Aids, culture, arts, music 0.2%
21= Sir James Dyson Inventor 23,000 24.6 0.11 Education, healthcare, science and medical research 0.1%
21= Sir Cameron Mackintosh Producer 1,205 1.3 0.11 Theatre, medical, homeless, community 0.1%
22 John Gore Producer 1,681 1.5 0.09 Arts, AIDS, Covid-19 0.1%
23= Sir Ringo Starr Musician 285 0.2 0.08 Medical, humanitarian, animals, children 0.1%
23= Amal and George Clooney Barrister and Actor 315 0.3 0.08 Human rights 0.1%
23= Salma Hayek Actor 7,125 5.5 0.08 Covid-19, humanitarian 0.1%

Trends and Beneficiaries
Analysing the Giving List, we observe that musicians and artists prominently feature among the most generous celebrities in the UK. Their ability to use their platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes is commendable. Health-related initiatives, particularly those addressing HIV/AIDS, witnessed substantial support, with notable contributions from musicians like Sir Elton John, Brian May, and Roger Taylor.

Youth-centric causes, education, and social inclusion initiatives also ranked high on the list of beneficiaries. Celebrities like Sir Lewis Hamilton and Stormzy showcased their commitment to empowering the next generation and addressing social inequalities.

Other prominent areas of focus included humanitarian causes, human rights, and environmental preservation, championed by figures such as Amal and George Clooney and model, Cara Delevingne.