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Responsible Play & Wellbeing

Responsible Play with Raffolux

The team at Raffolux are committed to promoting and upholding socially responsible play on our platform. The welfare of our members is of the utmost important to us, and we continually strive to ensure that our members play only within their means and in a healthy manner.

We want our website to be seen as an occasional flutter, where players come together for the chance to win fantastic prizes while supporting great causes. Playing online raffles can be addictive, and so this page contains useful links and advice for our players.

We design our raffles in a responsible manner to ensure that they do not have a distinct appeal to vulnerable groups or those who are underage. We understand the vast majority of players play responsibly and within their means, however, it is our responsibility and duty to provide support and curtail any problematic or excessive play. We are here to support our customers and make sure they play responsibly, and that they are always in control of their play.

Signs of a problem
  • Treating raffles as a way of making money, rather than a source of entertainment
  • Attempting to chase losses or playing raffles to escape financial difficulty
  • Spending money and time beyond your means
  • Selling possessions and borrowing money in order to keep playing raffles
  • Unable or struggling to manage or stop playing raffles
Actions we will take
  • If you feel like your play has become problematic (or for any reason at all), you can self-exclude yourself from the Raffolux website. You just need to get in contact with us using email at or the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen, and we will close your account for the requested time period, as well as permanently.
  • If we see or perceive there to be any signs of excessive play, we will get in touch with you to check on your wellbeing.
  • If we believe that you are playing excessively or beyond your means, we may close your account with an explanation.
  • We cap the tickets a player can purchase on every raffle to avoid heavy spending on raffles.
More actions that you can take
  • You may find it helpful to track of the amount you have spent playing raffle or competition websites
  • There are a number of treatment centres in the UK that may be of help, especially if you feel like your behaviour has got out of control. Gordon Moody, available at, have treatment programs and counselling support available.


We have been working with our partners at Mental Health UK to make support available to our members. If you feel like you want to access guidance on your mental health, then please visit the following links recommended by Mental Health UK to support our members: